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In quantum mechanism, spin is a quantity, or quantum number, associated with the particles that contributes to defining its quantum state, although there is no corresponding quantity for classical mechanics by analogy, it refers to the rotation of the particle around its axis.

The intrinsic nature of matter follows laws still largely unknown to the human being, the unpredictability and continuous dynamism makes us proportional to an immense mechanism still unknown.

SPIN connetcs the human investigation into the intrinsic composition of the universe by associating it with the universe itself, with the unstoppable and univocal nature that dances despite our gaze.



Silvia Scarabello, print designer for Versace, combines her experience in the world of art and fashion with a passion that is that of science and the profound nature of matter.

Trained at the IUAV in Venice in the field of visual arts, she embarked on a graphic journey by experimenting with connection between art, photography and graphics, creating collision between languages and visual short circuits.